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XENIA hospitality management | mobile point of sale

Robust and reliable mobile point of sale untis for the hospitality industryXENIA Restaurant POS has been designed for mobile handheld units right from the beginning. It was one of the first systems which implemented the Orderman units LEO and DON in the middle of the 1990s. These units are designed for the hospitality industry and set standards in design, reliability, durability and efficiency. Thanks to the usage of UHF radio technology, there are no interferences with microwaves as known with WLAN and/ or Bluetooth devices.

All inputs are sent directly to the man system without any delay to make sure, all orders being processed and printed. The reliable and stable radio network connection makes a storing in the cache of the unit obsolete. Comparing to other technologies, the waiter can concentrate on his/ her usual tasks. As soon as the order has been finalised on the mobile Restaurant POS unit you can be sure it is printed in the production station. If the printer stops to work (e.g. no paper), an error message will be displayed on the unit.

As well-known from our POS touch screen system, all transactions will be kept itemised in the database. All transactions can be tracked and traced to reduce fraud.

With the speed and efficiency of XENIA Restaurant POS in combination with the mobile handheld units we can guarantee an increase of the turn-over by 10%.

Imagine a restaurant with 100 000 guests annually. With the speed and efficiency of our mobile system, your waiters could sell one more item to each and every guest. Even if your staff only serves one item to every second guest (50 000 items x R20), R1-million additional turnover can be realised. The system pays for itself.

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