XENIA | more than restaurant point of sale - hospitality management system

XENIA hospitality management system | Touch - Keyboard- Barcode

point-of-sale-touch-smallThe different front-ends of XENIA POS are optimal for different scenarios. While the touch screen system has got its advantages in the restaurant, the pre-defined keyboard could be used in the bar while the barcode system is running in the shop. Not to forget the mobile nits might be used outside. It is your choice, XENIA point of sale can even be used in a mixed front-end environment running on the same database.

XENIA's easy-to-use touch screen based front-end is designed for more efficiency. The fast, user-friendly and reliable point of sale software is able running on older hardware (your existing hardware could be used).

The layout of the revenue centres as well as the all buttons can be allocated with drag ’n drop. The whole touch screen design could be adapt to your preferences. Alternatively, it also supports an automatic touch screen creation while a combination of both processes is possible as well.

XENIA POS supports magnetic swipe cards as well as fingerprint authorisation but we prefer waiter key systems since there is no wear and tear at all. Furthermore they are fast, reliable, efficient, wet finger proven and secure with their world-wide unique, burned-in identification number.

The access rights to the restaurant point of sale can be adjusted individually to each and every staff member but templates for the most used right levels are available as well.
All transactions will be kept itemised and can be filtered in the BackOffice’s report system.