XENIA | more than restaurant point of sale - hospitality management system

XENIA hospitality management system | restaurant point of sale

XENIA POS is more than just a restaurant point of sale system – XENIA is the comprehensive hospitality management system for your hospitality business.


A key element of XENIA is the front office software "XENIA Touch", which is commonly used in the installations. The staff member is using the restaurant POS by a touch screen. Tables and their associated layouts for the sales areas are displayed graphically. The layout for item groups, items and functions are free definable.

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XENIA hospitality management system | Touch - Keyboard- Barcode

point-of-sale-touch-smallThe different front-ends of XENIA POS are optimal for different scenarios. While the touch screen system has got its advantages in the restaurant, the pre-defined keyboard could be used in the bar while the barcode system is running in the shop. Not to forget the mobile nits might be used outside. It is your choice, XENIA point of sale can even be used in a mixed front-end environment running on the same database.

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XENIA hospitality management | mobile point of sale

Robust and reliable mobile point of sale untis for the hospitality industryXENIA Restaurant POS has been designed for mobile handheld units right from the beginning. It was one of the first systems which implemented the Orderman units LEO and DON in the middle of the 1990s. These units are designed for the hospitality industry and set standards in design, reliability, durability and efficiency. Thanks to the usage of UHF radio technology, there are no interferences with microwaves as known with WLAN and/ or Bluetooth devices.

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